the traditional art of puff pastry

Asolo dolce una piccola grande storia italiana


"Asolodolce makes puff pastry delicacies and gourmet sweet specialities using modern, avant-garde methods and processes whilst prioritising the search for quality and genuine artisan methods. This is not hyperbole or a marketing ploy but our everyday practice, a simple, delicious truth."

Asolodolce is a family-run business now on its second generation. Our production volumes are now high but our values and approaches are still those the company started with, those which the founder, still present in the company, has taught and passed down.

And Asolo Dolce's is a story worth hearing.



It is a story which began in the 1950s

Courage, far-sightedness and entrepreneurship

From Veneto traditions to classic Tuscan pastries.

A sweetness-packed Made in Italy.

Asolo and the sweet diversity of venetian pastry making.

Cantuccini biscuits, tuscan sweetness on your table.

No lunch or dinner spent with friends and family in Tuscany is complete without Cantuccini and Vin Santo.

There is evidence of this crunchy almond biscuit tradition as far back as the 17th century originally in Prato but it was common in Florence and the other towns of the region too.

Simply flour, sugar, eggs, almonds and butter in a straightforward, rustic recipe which has been passed down unchanged through the centuries by bakers but also by mothers and grandmothers. The secret is to cut the roll of dough into slices while it is still hot.

This is how Asolodolce still makes cantuccini at its original bakery in Rignano sull'Arno. It is a world famous delicacy which we make in its original shape and flavour with its characteristic robust consistency, to take sweet note of the fact that, together with the people we hold dear, true goodness comes from far off.

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