the traditional art of puff pastry

Asolo dolce una piccola grande storia italiana


"Asolodolce makes puff pastry delicacies and gourmet sweet specialities using modern, avant-garde methods and processes whilst prioritising the search for quality and genuine artisan methods. This is not hyperbole or a marketing ploy but our everyday practice, a simple, delicious truth."

Asolodolce is a family-run business now on its second generation. Our production volumes are now high but our values and approaches are still those the company started with, those which the founder, still present in the company, has taught and passed down.

And Asolo Dolce's is a story worth hearing.



It is a story which began in the 1950s

Courage, far-sightedness and entrepreneurship

From Veneto traditions to classic Tuscan pastries.

A sweetness-packed Made in Italy.

And not just puff pastries, both classic or filled and coated with cream and jam but also the best loved regional Italian baked pastry products and sugar-free, low-calorie nibbles, Flavours and treats for which the Italian tradition is celebrated across the five continents and which Asolodolce nurtures and disseminates in accordance with their original characteristics or innovating tastefully and with restraint.

It is the evolution of an authentic, timeless national know-how packed with passion and history.

The true, tasty Italian dessert making art.


Asolo and the sweet diversity of venetian pastry making.

Cantuccini biscuits, tuscan sweetness on your table.

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