A small, but great,    
        italian story,

Asolo Dolce

Our products are as good as our practices and our principles.

ingredienti dolci da forno fragola- zucchero cucchiaio cacao


"Goodness for us means much more than a pleasant flavour.

It means doing things well, with care and attention, applying the finest rustic but naturally careful customs of the baked goods and pastry making of yesteryear to modern processes."


By selecting and monitoring our rigorously no GMO ingredients, employee health and safety and training practices, environmental friendliness, up-to-date working machinery and techniques and the goodness of our biscuits and puff pastry goods, Asolodolce is itself a recipe.

We are satisfied only when we achieve the certainty of offering you flavour and genuineness but also serenity, health and a guarantee of a gourmet delicacy made according to sound principles.



Our machinery

Raw materials


Genuine ingredients for a sweetness up to the highest pastry making standards.

•    Confettura con il 35% minimo di frutta
•    Crema al cioccolato con minimo il 46% di cacao
•    Crema di nocciole con minimo il 6,5% di nocciole
•    Solo grassi vegetali non idrogenati
•    Solo farina di origine UE
•    No OGM
•    No coloranti
•    No conservanti


We choose our suppliers with great care and attention. Some of the most important are D'Arbo, Unigrà and Barry-Callebaut. We carry out meticulous conformity checks on each delivery.

Raw materials warehouse rotation takes place every week to ensure maximum ingredient freshness.

We keep our storage cells at temperatures and humidity levels which vary in accordance with the ingredient stored.

The manufacturing process

Product safety

Health and safety at work

Enviromental awareness

Staff training

Research & Development

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