Privacy statement in accordance with art. 13 of Law Decree D.Lgs. 196/2003 "Regulations governing personal data protection" (hereinafter known as "Regulations").

The data you supply by filling out this electronic form will be processed by the companies belonging to the Asolo Dolce S.P.A., principally Asolo Dolce S.P.A. (hereinafter known as "Asolo Dolce"), using electronic or automated systems, for the purpose of responding to your requests concerning products, Asolo Dolce advertising, Catering services, financial aspects, commercial information , information concerning the Log File or the website, depending on your queries. You are not obliged to submit your personal data, but such action is partly necessary (i.e. for data corresponding to spaces marked with an asterisk) to allow Asolo Dolce to meet your requirements in relation to the website. As the data are necessary for fulfilling your requirements, partial or inexact data or failure to submit the personal data marked with an asterisk will prevent us from doing this, while no consequences will ensue following partial or inexact submission of facultative, unnecessary data.

The personal data you submit will be disclosed to the employees and/or collaborators of the following Managements: Corporate Communication; Marketing; Administration, Finance and Auditing; Quality, Safety and Environment; who, working under the direct authority of Asolo Dolce, Holder of the data processing procedures, are nominated as Persons in charge in compliance with art. 29 of the Regulations and who receive adequate operating instructions in relation to their tasks.

The Parties in charge of data processing are:

1) The Managements: Communication; Marketing; Administration, Finance and Auditing; Quality, Safety and Environment;
2) for matters concerning the administration and management of the website, and management of the servers which house the website itself.

Holder of the data processing procedures is Asolo Dolce S.P.A., with registered offices in Molvena (VI), Via del Progresso, 32. You may contact the Holder to have your personal data cancelled, converted into an anonymous form or blocked, to ask for your data to be updated or corrected or integrated, to object to your data being used and to exercise all the rights established by art. 7 D. of Law Decree Lgs. 196/2003 (consult the "Legal statement" section of the website for the full text of this article), by sending a message via e-mail to the Holder's address, or a letter via ordinary mail to: Asolo Dolce S.P.A. - Via Enrico Fermi, 51 - 31011 ASOLO (Treviso) - ITALY